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Dicer Food Cutter Slicer Vegetable Fruit Chopper Potato Onions Slicer Cheese Grater All in One Dicer 14 in 1

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  • 14 In 1 Multi-Function Dicer - Cut, Chop, Slice, Peel and Grate with this 14 in 1 dicer. With 10 different cutting blades, a 3 in 1 peeler/slicer/grater and 1 grip holder and cleaning comb, you can cut, slice, dice, chop, grate and peel to perfection. With a few hand movements and little effort, in the blink of an eye you will be able to cut many types of fruits and vegetables into cubes and sticks. Ideal for cutting potatoes, onions, cucumber, carrots, apples, and many other soft fruit & veg.
  • Become A Dicing Kitchen Professional - When cutting by hand, you do put in a lot of effort but don't end up with good results. However, with this 14 in 1 dicer you will become a real chef and be left with compliments at the end of any meal. With 10 different blades that cut from small to large and thick to thin precision and size you can make your favourite fruits and vegetables appear consistent and uniformed with this dicer. It will also make presentation of food look to professional standard
  • Essential Kitchen Tool - This 14 in 1 kitchen tool not only saves cutting time but also save space in your kitchen cupboards. This handheld dicer packs 14 amazing kitchen tools all in 1, therefore you will have no more worries of loosing any of your kitchen gadgets, as they will all be in once place. Along with getting perfect cut fruit & veg you will also have NO MESS. With a lock - unlock system, all your cut fruit & veg will stay in a secure container and in one place until transferred.
  • Save Yourself Food Prep Time - When considering food preparation time, you will always look at the clock before anything. However, with this fruit and vegetable dicer you will never have to do that again. Sharp blades and being made from high-grade and high quality material, you can slice, dice and chop in one quick motion and to precision with effortless operation. Fruit and vegetable preparation will just take seconds and keep them fresh.
  • Always Protects Users - Along with all the amazing features and qualities, this dicer also provides the users safety. This dicer also comes with a grip holder and cleaning comb. The grip holder allows you to securely hold food so you do not hurt your fingers, especially when cutting or slicing small fruit and veg. The cleaning comb allows you to clean those hard to reach places and ensure there are no left overs stuck in the dicer once used without hurting your fingers.



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